During our Sunday morning services, Potters Kids is where our children aged 3 to 13 meet to play games, learn stories from the Bible, get creative with crafts, and have a load of fun.

On a normal morning in Potters Kids, ages 3-10 all start together, sharing something from their week, and hearing a story or message to introduce that day’s topic. Sometimes we start with a video or a song. Then we break down into smaller groups based on ages:

3-4 year old ‘Early Years’ children have their own area to play, learn and create in.

5-6 , 7-8 and 9-10 year old children then rotate around our three areas: Teaching, Games, and Create, where our leaders prepare each area with a different look at the topic of the week.

11-13 year old children are in an area close by to the rest of Potters Kids, but get a space to themselves. As well as games and challenges, they take a look at the Bible passage of the week, and discuss it together.

There’s no charge for coming to Potters Kids, and we’d love to meet you!